Milano Moda Haftasında Erdoğan protestosu

Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'a dünyaca ünlü Milano Moda Haftası'nda da tepki vardı.

DUVAR – 17-21 Haziran tarihleri arasında gerçekleşen Milano Moda Haftası kapsamında düzenlenen Damir Doma defilesi sonrası, defileye ev sahipliği yapan Macao adlı kültür merkezine üzerinde İngilizce olarak, “Milano Moda Haftası, Erdoğan’ın faşist hükümetine karşı direnişi destekliyor” yazan bir pankart asıldı.

Pankartın asılma gerekçesinin; Türkiye’de muhaliflere, Kürtlere ve LGBTİ bireylere uygulanan baskı olduğu öğrenildi.

The #MilanoFashionWeek supports resistance movements against Erdogan’s fascist government Through hosting a fashion runway show in Macao, the Milan Fashion Week finances the opposition to Erdogan’s fascist government.  We decided to rent our location and use the revenues from it, to give a clear sign of what we  stand for. We offer direct aid to the battles against repressive governments, battles that we consider active laboratories of sociability and democracy with which we want to exchange knowledge and practices, for a transnational culture that can radically decolonize our imagination and perspective on places and bodies of conflict and on migration. On June 26, during the day dedicated  to the victims of Isis, held in Macao by the Milan Kurdish community, where  the co-president of HDP party Figen Yüksekdağ will be attending, we will deliver the proceeds of the fashion show to the Turkish anti-fascist resistance. In Turkey, at Europe’s doorstep, Erdogan ‘s government represses the Kurdish people, the LGBTQI community, and the internal political opposition, both political and cultural; the same government is applying merciless policies to migrants who try to reach Europe fleeing war and poverty. The turkish government received 6 billion € by the European Union for the ” handling” of migratory flows coming from the Middle East, so as to prevent their access to European soil. The agreement demands that all “irregular migrants” arriving to Greece are promptly expelled to Turkey, where only Syrians have a chance to stay. Here they live in full exploitation conditions: more than 400 thousand Syrians, including adults and childrens, are forced to work illegally, blackmailed and abused.  Immigrants from other countries are simply imprisoned. Meanwhile to prevent migration flows, everything is allowed on the turkish border : almost 1000 kilometers of walls are springing up on the frontiers; today 8 Syrians migrants have been killed by Turkish border guards… [] #mfw16 #Turkey #migration #erdogan #fascist #eu #milanofashionweek2016

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Odatv’ye göre; Milano Moda Haftası onganizatörleri, kendilerinden habersiz asılan o pankartı önce indirmek istedi ve balkonda korumalarla arbede yaşandı. Ancak Macao binasındakilerin ısrarlı tutumu neticesinde pankart indirilemedi.